The Blogging World and Rugby

After reading vast amounts of blogs via my twitterati, I thought why not give it a try. As my brain got thinking of what to blog about it became apparent my stand point on most things in this world relate to the world of sport. More recently to the world of golf.

So Im going to attempt to publish my views on the sporting world on a weekly basis and see how many of you fellow sportsmen or women I can cajole to read my views and either agree or disagree. Important note here, Liverpool fans you may want to be ready for tirades of abuse as the football season progresses.

So to commemorate my first blog today’s topic is the sport of Rugby.

Over the next seven weeks we are to be inundated with hour after hour of the rugby world cup. Joy I hear the Welsh say! Of course you would be very happy with this, it is after all the only sport you are any good at! From my humble opinion I do not see the point of the sport. For the following reasons :

1) Does anyone know and understand the rules?

2) Why do they keep kicking the ball away to the opposition, surely this defeats the object, you want to keep the ball.

3) Why play rugby when football is around?

There are of course many of my friends who love the game and argue for hours with me about its beauty, excitment and purpose in the sporting world. Sorry, I just don’t see it. So over the next seven weeks I may find myself for the first time ever turning a channel over that is showing sport and searching for something to entertain me. I couldn’t even care less how England do, the sport means zip to me, and as a fellow rugby hater once said to me – “it’s simply shite”.

So all you rugby fans enjoy and feast on the next seven weeks, but please do not text me, tweet me, or even dare talk to me about it, as simply I couldn’t care less.

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