Football is Dispatched?

The world of the modern age footballer. Shit loads of money for not doing a great deal, an arm full of ridiculous tattoos, some half -wit girl with no self dignity on their arm, and a feeling of untouchability.

Oh how I craved this job as a youngster, nothing else would I, or did I want to do. That is until I realised after a few unsuccessful trials that I wasn’t good enough. I sit here now counting my blessings. As much as I love the game, and have been a player, coach, manager and spectator I despise some of these modern day muppets. I say the word ‘some’ as thankfully the sporting grace and dignity of by-gone era’s is still maintained in some of todays players.

Watching Dispatches last night on Channel 4, left me flabbergasted. I hope this is just sensationalised journalism and not true. To think that the governing body of our national sport turns a blind eye to drug taking and dishes out minimal fines ‘to protect the integrity of the game, players and spectators’ makes me feel sick. Not only are these players pampered, over paid pre-madonnas they now seem to be beyond persecution. Athletes, rugby players and all other professional sportspeople must be furious. How many times do we read that footballers commit crimes? Rape, murder by dangerous driving, drink driving, the list goes on. Funny then that they have this swagger of being ‘untouchable’. Then watching last night’s programme I can’t believe what I watched. The FA cancel drug tests because the player isn’t at training, they don’t view tests that are positive in mid-week as bad because it’s not a match day!!!What the bloody hell is going on!

The truth needs telling, of course these guys are out there taking cocaine, and whatever else they feel with boost their bursting egos. Even a current player suggested this happened, why they bloody hell do they get away with it. They are supposed to be role models to our younger generation aren’t they, if so, I say lets have the drug takers names, lets ban them and show our younger generation that drugs and cheating never prevails.

If the results of the programme do come to light as being true there needs to be a upheaval of the governing bodies, and the people in charge. The guilty footballers, the club doctors and managers who turn a blind eye need to be swiftly deposed from their roles.

Of course, this won’t happen, the football world has its own laws and rules, look at the recent elections to FIFA, did they not contain stories of bribery and money making. If the top of the pyramid is corrupt no wonder the people below get away with it. One word sums up today’s world of football – FARCICAL. I may even now start to watch rugby!

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