Men from Mars, Women from Who Knows Where!

My wife has given me numerous hours of laughter. We have a ‘Book of Mandy’ in the house to log all the ridiculous things she says.

On Thursday there was a full moon in the sky as we were watching TV, it reminded me of one of her classic moments. While driving in Spain one summer there was a full moon, it was very bright and big in the Spanish sky. My wife saw it and made me almost crash at a high speed with the comment – “Wow, that moon is massive, are we closer to it in Spain”!!!! Now you understand I hope some of the things that must go on in her mind, hence the titile of today’s blog.

So, back to Thursday and the full moon, she then asked me “Is the moon the same size as the Earth”, and to top that off “Is the Moon as big as the Sun”. After a few minutes of hysterics on the settee I managed to answer her questions and had to use a picture of the Solar System to explain. What went on in her Science classes at school?

Things couldn’t get anymore stupid could they?………

My sister and her boyfriend popped round last night, so naturally I was telling them about my wife’s latest ‘outburst’. To which my sister then came out with an all time classic. She said, “I don’t understand what you’re saying, the sun is the moon isn’t it”. After I had choked on my tea and her boyfriend had wet himself with laughter she topped it all by saying. “No, what I mean is the sun turns into the moon at night”!!!!!

It took a demonstration with an orange, and two apples to explain it all to them. When I got to a crescent moon and the cause of its shape, my wife and sister gasped in wonder “What, you mean that balck curve is the edge of planet blocking the sun, that’s awesome”.

I think we ought to hunt down both of their respective science teachers and ask them what the hell happened in their classes. So where do women originate from? or are my wife and sister aliens from another planet?

Hope you giggled a bit at their ridiculousness!

On a lighter note, Man United to thump Chelsea this weekend,and a vast sum of £5 has gone on Regal Parade in the Ayr Gold Cup. Has anyone been wathcing the rugby, no idea what’s happening.


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