Going under the knife

As we approached the hospital in the dark yesterday morning at ridiculous o’clock for my ankle operation I wasn’t scared or worried, more excited! Yes, that’s correct I was excited about an operation – weirdo, I hear you all say!Please let me explain :

Firstly, having never been in hospital before I was intrigued as to what I would find. Would it be a mix of Carry on Matron, or of another idea of nurses I had in my head, you know the one chaps, suspenders etc. It was however, neither! Yet the staff and the way I was looked after all day was fantastic, the nurses, doctors, porters etc were a credit to their professions.

As my anaethetist came to my bed to ask what I would like, I told him a spinal, so I could watch. “Great”, his response, not many people want to watch. To be fair I was expecting the spinal to hurt more than it did, and as the wheeled me in to theatre my legs were like two lumps of meat that I couldn’t feel – weird sensation.

As the doctor began he talked me through the whole operation and which bone he was shaving, I watched him shave off the piece of my tibia that has been causing the problem which was interesting. He pulled a chunk out the size of his finger nail from my ankle that was ‘floating’ around and probably causing me the problem.

While all this was going on my anaethetist had given me a puzzle to complete, he collected these wooden and metal puzzles from all over the world. My challenge, do the puzzle before the surgeon finished with me. I just about managed it, and it was this experience, surreal as it was, that backed up my decision to have a spinal. I would have missed all this fun and probably woken up throwing my guts up if I’d have had a general. So my advice if you get the choice, always have a spinal, the theatre isnt scary, and the staff are fantastic.

So, after the operation, now in pain, was I justified to be excited? Yes, it was weird, but I enjoyed it and enjoyed the experience of interacting with some great professionals. Now for the madness of no exercise for 6 weeks – this I am dreading! Please help!As you can see below, the ankle is swollen and bloodt painful, but at least I can get back running again and playing sport without any pain – I hope!


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