What’s Happened to TV?

I can’t believe how TV on a Saturday night had diminished into what seems an eternity of celeb status bollocks! Turn on BBC on a Satruday and you’re faced with what feels like hours of sad two bit, past it, celebrities dancing. I mean, I remember as a kid they tried to show ‘Come Dancing’ on TV and soon realised it was a pile of shite and no-one was bothered about it. Yet add some celebs and suddenly it’s a hit?

What happened to programmes aimed at blokes – Airwolf, A-Team, The Fall Guy, Dukes of Hazzard to name a few beauts from my youth. The problem is that you can’t turn over as ITV have 6 hours of trash, starting with XFactor. Seriously what is X about it, none of them can sing, once the show has finished nobody remembers them, yet thousands watch it. Then you have a further hour or two of I’m a Celeb, given, Ant and Dec try their best to brighten this up, but who honestly gives a shit about Sinitta being scared of insects. She sung a shit, cheesy song about twenty years ago, end of!

The answer – WOMEN! All TV bosses are creating these shows as they know women will chat, txt, email, blog, tweet and everything else possible about this celeb shit. Why, ‘cos all they want to be is a touch away from celebdom themselves, that’s why those ridiculous magazines sell bucket loads every week. The male world appreciate good programmes for what they are, talk about them over a beer and remember them always. – “Aint getting on no plane, you crazy fool!”

I need to make a stand now and ask every other man out there to stand up to this trash too, we deserve better, don’t forget the heydays of Baywatch, that shaped many of our futures. Please TV bosses, enough of this celeb crap, give us violence, humour, bikini’s and guns, oh and of course a gorgoeus female lead to whet our appetite!

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