Christmas parties


I have worked in a few schools in my time as a teacher and been to the normal sit down bog standard boring Christmas meals – in a word they’re crap and expensive.

My current school does a totally different slant on Christmas parties. Each year the organiser, one of the PE department, chooses a theme and every department in the school dresses up and does a sketch on that theme. Past parties have been THE TITANIC, PHOENIX NIGHTS, NIGHT AT THE MOVIES, GANGS OF NEW YORK to name a few.

This year was the Romans – enter loads of acts and staff dressed up all for a fee of £2 each to hire the venue. People turned up as gladiators, as warriors, and senators with their togas. We also had foes of rome including the Languages department as Atilla and his Huns and a guest appearance by Genghis Khan!! D&T brought Cleopatra back from Egypt, Science were the ‘Gods’ and we had a Roman Shhoting Stars act to name a few acts. The night was rounded of by our Admin team doing an Up Pompeii sketch.

Each year departments turn out great acts and fun is had by all including the disco at the end of the night, last year was won by the Senior Management Team who also actively take part in acts every year. The bursar this year decided to come as ‘Biggus Dickus’ of Monty Python fame, and I swear it was the Graham Chapman, he had it off to a tee. Our head was caesar for the evening who voted each act with a thumbs up and freedom or a thumbs down and fed to the lion ( a paper mache head built by the art department ). All this performed on stage surrounded by props and backdrops made by the DT department. The evening was brought to a close by our Science technician or DJ as he was for the night after a couple of hours of partying Roman style.

I still can’t believe we pull off bigger and better events each year but we do, and it’s a whole staff event. So, next time you think what shall we do for our Christmas party this year, then why not try a theme night. Trust me, they work and they are awesome!

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