Fancy a Flutter on the Nags?


This was the Homer Simpson version of me last Saturday after at last getting a winner or two. I was having one of those crappy runs before that where I just couldn’t pick a winner.

Anyway, with rejuvenated passion for the nags, and with more a bulging wallet, here are today’s selections. To be honest, this cold spell is bugging me and I’m looking forward to seeing some better action at Musselburgh today.

Remember please, as you are all aware by now, I am no expert, and don’t study the form too hard. This is a little hobby for me, these are my selections, if you wish to follow my advice, fine, but please bet within your means.

Two Lucky 15’s today

Cut The Cackle 2.15 Lingfield (Last!)
Palace Moon 2.45 Lingfield (nb)(WON 7-2)
Casa Bex 3.00 Kempton (4th)
Ostland 2.35 Musselburgh(7th)

Picansort 3.20 Lingfield (2nd)
Cantor 3.35 Kempton (NAP) (WON 4-5)
Ultimate 3.10 Musselburgh (treble) (6th)
Zafranagar 3.45 Musselburgh (7th)

All the best of luck. Remember if you’re intersted in betting and enjoy twitter and blogging giveThe Gambolar a click and get some decent tips on there.

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