My First……. A dip into The Bandit’s past!


I thought I’d start a series of blogs that reflect things I’ve done, want to do, enjoy etc. A little bit more of The Bandit lets say. So, after reading a few other blogs of a similar nature I thought I would kick this off with My Firsts. So here we go, hope you enjoy and maybe you would want to do the same.

My first……..Movie

Here I think the picture gives it away. The first movie I remember seeing as a child was Star Wars. This wasn’t a the cinema however, but I remember watching it on a Boxing Day as a young child. I’ve been transfixed with Star Wars since!

My first…….Trip to the cinema

This was to the old cinema complex in Burnley, near the covered market. What a crappy cinema that was. The film was He-Man: Masters of the Universe with Dolph Lundgren. As a child I had everything He-Man, and loved my Castle Greyskull toy! The film lets say was…..interesting!

My first…….Book

This was as a child when I joined my local library and I loaned out The Famous Five : Five on A Treasure Island. From that moment on I was hooked on books and read all The Famous Five books. I am now an avid reader and love nothing better than a good book. Interestingly I’m now reading Five on a Treasure Island to my daughter who’s 5, and she loves it!

My first…..Gamble

As a follower of horse racing and liking a good flutter I remember my first bet well. It was in th Grand National won by West Tip. How do I remember, I had the 100-1 second that day called Young Driver. The maiden name (Driver) of my mother, imagine how rich I felt as a kid getting my winnings back on a £1 each way bet on it! Amazingly, I asked my daughter to pick a horse two years ago in the National, she liked one with a green jacket, so I put her a £1 each way bet on Mon Mome – and you know what happened there!

My first…..Football Match

I played for Ightenhil Primary School aged 9 in a five a side competition aganst other schools on a freezing and muddy day. The ball was a size 3 and like a bloody rock! I remember being freezing and wet, yet loving every minute of it! From there I went on to play every week from 11 years old.

My first…..Golf clubs

I decided to take up golf as a 13 year old and opened the local paper and went to the advertisement section where people sold various items. Sure enough there was a set for £15. Two old ‘wooden’ woods, a 4,5,8,9 iron and a putter. I felt like Nick Faldo at that point and used to catch a bus into Burnley Town Centre, walk two miles to a little 9 hole course and have a game then walk and bus back. I loved it and still love it now, although I have some great Nike clubs now and am a ‘little’ better!

My first…..Hole In One

Im still blooming waiting…….. and what makes it worse is my wife has had one!

Hope you enjoyed My First’s, next time we will go for My Favourite’s

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