If I won the lottery!


So, Ive dreamt of this many a time. Those six little numbers come up and you win a cool few million. This is a life changing experience beyond doubt, but surely there would be added stresses too?

So it got me thinking, if I did win the lottery what the hell would I spend it on. Some of you may agree with me, some of you may not. Have a think about it yourself if you get a minute – if you had a boat load of money what really would you buy?

This is my lottery list! However, first of all I have found a photo of what I would do if I found out I had won the lottery. I think it says it all!


#1 – pay off my mortgage and my family’s too
#2 – give my closest friends a little suprise
#3 – buy myself an Aston Martin Vanquish
#4 – buy a racehorse
#5 – buy a tailored Armani suit
#6 – go to Chichen Itza!
#7 – give some money to Charities that are close to my heart
#8 – buy a house in Florida

And if I had anything left – become a member at Hallamshire Golf Club!!!!

Of course I would still go to work! I think I would be a complete nightmare with nothing to do each day. Plus, I really do love my job. I be some of you think I’m bonkers!

Please have a go yourself and let me know via my twitter account of your blog.

2 thoughts on “If I won the lottery!

  1. Not a bad list. I would add play all of the public courses that are currently out of my price range and then bribe my way onto the private ones.

    PS. I like the blog-it has a good tone.

  2. Strange as it sounds, the first thing I’d do would be to panic. Of course, you play the Lottery in the hopes of winning vast amounts of money but you’re never actually expecting to win. And if I did, it would scare me rigid.

    Once I was done panicking – that might take a while – I’d figure out the sum of money that would mean I’d never have any financial concerns ever again, even if I lived to be 110. And then I’d bank it and leave it alone.

    I’d be the worst businesswoman this world has ever seen, so I can’t see myself starting a business, but I’d love to buy up all the empty shops in our town and make them available to small start-up businesses. And by that, I mean making sure that the rents were affordable. I have had enough of our council’s greed dooming little businesses to failure.

    I’d like to ask my parents what they’d do if they had the chance, then make sure they were set up to do it. And for myself? More holidays and the latest PlayStation whenever it comes out, no matter what kind of King’s ransom they happen to be demanding for it. Gaming and travelling are the two things I’d like to do more of and a Lottery win would let me do that.

    But private jets, five star hotels, jacuzzis and all that stuff? It doesn’t appeal to me now and it wouldn’t appeal to me after a big win. The biggest luxury for me would be that I didn’t have to worry about money any more.

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