My Favourite…..

After the first installment into The Bandit’s life : My Firsts, the follow up is a little more detail into what I enjoy doing. Firstly, and most importantly, that is of course spending time with my family, yet there are quite a few other interests that keep me going. As a PE teacher, you can imagine I am a little competitive and love sport. I must add here I am not the PE teacher type described so brilliantly by @crapteacher in this blog post This Sporting Life

Now that you have got that image of a PE teacher out of your mind, I will press on and give you more of an insight into my hobbies and fav things. Please feel free to comment on the blog and let me know via my twitter account if you try something the same.

I am relatively new to this blogging lark and am finding my feet with what to blog and how I hit an audience, so please any feedback helps.

Let’s start with the sport, as a keen performer there is nothing better for me than playing. So…..

My Favourite Sport

Without doubt is football. I have played competitively since I was 9 years old, representing my town at a young age and was lucky enough to play semi-professionally too. Whilst playing is my passion since the birth of my two daughters I have stopped the competitive games on a weekend. To keep me interested I began doing my coaching badges and successfully got my Level 2 and then UEFA B badges. Fortunately this led me to managing the South Yorkshire U16 squad for 3 years and then even better to coach the U10 Academy teams at Sheffield United, something I thoroughly enjoyed and only stopped due to a promotion in my teaching career. I have also taken up refereeing which may be a future blog! Depending on how well it goes of course.

Coming up strongly behind football at the moment is golf. I love the sport and can see me playing it more than football soon. Please read my other golfing blogs for more details.

My Favourite Book

One of my favourite hobbies is reading. It allows me to relax on an evening after work and there is nothing better than being totally engrossed in a good book. I like a good crime thriller, or something that is fast paced. My favourite book though is The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. It took me about a day and a half to read and I thought it was superb!

My Favourite Film

I also enjoy going to the cinema but don’t get the chance as much now with the kids. There have been loads of films that I have thought are brilliant over the years Silence of the Lambs, The Matrix, Die Hard, Mission:Impossible, yet my favourite film of all time has to be The Shawshank Redemption I remember watching it for the first time at university and loved it. It will still be a classic in years to come.

My Favourite Place to Visit

This has to be a little fishing, seaside town in Cornwall, called Looe. We’ve been on holiday there a few times and I just love everything about it. Its quaintness, its shops, its beach, the list is endless. I strongly recommend a visit!

My Favourite Golf Course (I’ve Played)

This is easy, whilst there have been some great courses I have played in my relatively short golf career there was only one course that took my breath away and made me so excited to play each and every hole. Including a monster near 700 yard par 5 and the elevated tee 17th with a green that is an island. The course is Rufford Park and Country Club, just near Centre Parks in Notts. Truely great and well worth a round if you can.

My Favourite Golf Course (Yet to Play)

There is only one. Pebble Beach in USA. Simply breath-taking, I wish and hope I can play there in the future, yet I doubt it, unless I win a boat load of cash! Or even better still I get on the PGA Tour!

My Favourite Horse

As an avid horse racing fan I have to include this. Everyone who enjoys a flutter will have a favourite horse that they always follow, even if it’s 100-1 they will still bet on it. Mine has to be INGLIS DREVER, a fantastic staying hurdler that won two World Hurdle’s at Cheltenham and was the real staying champ prior to BIG BUCKS. It’s a shame old Inglis had to be retired before Big Bucks came on the scene, as I’m sure he would have given Big Bucks something to worry about. After his retirement and being put out to field, having a cosy life, he unfortunately died. A great horse, and always will be my fav.

Finally, for this little chapter in The Bandit’s life is My Favourite Moment in Life

Quite obvious really for me. The birth of my two girls who are quite simply angels sent from heaven. They mean the world to me and I can’t describe my love for them. Being a father is the greatest thing a man can ask for!


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