The things that get on my nerves….

A simple blog tonight, these are the things that really get on my nerves!


1) Untidyness – according to my wife I have OCD so now you can see why it irritates me.
2) Bad manners – why not say please and thank you.
3) Right Turners – you’re at a junction and want to turn right and the on coming traffic signal to turn right and don’t let you go.
4) Bad drivers – too slow, brake at everything arrrrggggh!
5) Spongers – people who drain our country with their benefits and have never or will ever attempt to work.
6) Louis Spence – I have no words to describe the man!
7) Soaps – why? What’s their point? The same far fetched storylines, the same actors who leave, then return again.
8) and my biggest pet hate – CELEBRITY TV – who cares about watching two bit, think they’re famous, egotistical twerps.

I enjoy lots of things too, but felt in a moaning mood!

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