Golf v My sister!

As a PE teacher I’ve always been competitive and hate losing, so was determined not to lose against my sister today! I didn’t, but to be fair to her she played much better today than her last round and was pretty damn good on her back 9. She’s currently of 36 and me off 16 gives her 20 shots on me. In the end I beat her by 3 shots taking handicaps in to play – phew!

Here’s our scorecard Sibling Rivalry at Birley

Birley is a decent enough municipal, and I generally play it in winter. Its always on proper greens and drains pretty well, today was the same. The SIV group had an offer on too which made it only £10 for the round – great value for money!

In the end I shot 87, which was +2 over my handicap. However, the round included a disasterous 9 on the second and a few double bogeys too. With that in mind it wasn’t a bad performance. My sister’s boyfriend is a Blackburn fan, now immortalised as VENKY’s when he is on a golf course. He also caught something off my sister during the round – the ANGER. Both of them at some stage were lets say ‘unhappy’ with a few shots and at one stage they had both thrown a club or two in despair.

With a little psychological coaching on the lines of ‘you’re both crap anyway so stop trying to be better’ or in reality ‘good try, never mind’ they plodded on and my sister actually hit the shot of the round on the 14th Par 3. Nailing her tee shot into the middle of the green from 160 yards. VENKY’S highlight was slicing ‘another’ tee shot onto the adjacent fairway. When going to his ball, a man playing that hole walked past and VENKY’s said to him “I didn’t like my fairway, so thought I’d play on yours”, no response from the man prompted VENKY’s to respond again in the same way, still no response. VENKY’s went up to the man to get closer and try and crack the joke again, only realising then that the man would never get the joke, why you say, he was deaf!

My highlight of the round, three pars on the bounce on the back nine. As always I like to put a relevant photo with my blog. I’ll let you decide which of us is which character in the photo. I thougt the three Amigo’s would be good, but then came across this. I hope no-one chooses me as the donkey, I’d never be one of those!

As a review for Birley, for value for money it’s a recommenadation. If you want a nice steady course with a few challenging long par 4’s and a few par 3’s you can’t go wrong here. Give it a go, it’s what it says on the tin – a value for money municipal course.


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