The Leap of Faith – 100 WCFGU

The Hundred Word Challenge

Please visit Julia’s page, without this blog I would not be taking this ‘New Venture’. Go on have a read, get involved, it’s therapeutic you know! Or at least it is for me.

I really enjoyed the challenge set last week, and thought long and hard before scribing my debut piece, The Flip Side. So, time for this week’s challenge – The Leap of Faith.


Thanks for all the people who commented on the blog last week. Your feedback was much appreciated and very nice, hope I and it can continue in the same form!

A New Venture

I had always been prudent with money, saving weeks of pocket money just in case I might need to buy a new pair of football boots or a new Manchester United shirt. So when my best buddy suggested I fork out £40 for a set of golf clubs and go and start playing with him, my pocket shrunk to the size of a peanut. “Go on, you’ll love it”, came his response. His enthusiasm swayed me to take a leap of faith and part with my stash. Was he right? Did I love it? Surely @THE GOLFBANDIT tells its own story!


6 thoughts on “The Leap of Faith – 100 WCFGU

  1. I like the fact that you tie in the prompt to your ‘name’ and that you say so much in just 100 words. Feel I have to ask: are you still prudent with your pennies?

  2. Risking repetition, but I like the “peanut” reference too. I think I may have a couple of friends with peanut-sized pockets! 😀

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