Scott Parker England Captain

On hearing the news of Scott Parker being named England captain today I actually rejoiced. It seems at last we have a wise choice from an England manager. I my humble opinion Stuart Pearce you have just made your first excellent decision.

Not everyone however feels the same. Reading the twitter world today many a football fan was actually in despair. Claiming it totally shambolic, a decision made due to pressure and the rail-roading of the press. This of course is utter nonsense. I even saw one comment related to it being a poor decision as Scott Parker has no charisma, or no inspirational qualities. To this I say where is your evidence?

It would probably be of course that he hasn’t made the front page of a ‘red top’ due to having an affair, or even being involved in taking money for tours of his training ground, or even still that his family are all drug dealers. This wonderful set of accolades of course belong to the current, ex, who knows what captain, John Terry. Of course, in these days of social networking, increased media coverage this behaviour seems the norm to our youngsters. Take the picture below of a young boy at a football match, this is the norm in the stands, so he copies the behaviour. What does our future hold with the likes of John Terry in such a position of responsibility.

People have expressed the decision as a kick in the teeth to Steven Gerrard, yet I beg to differ, Mr Gerrard may soon quit the International scene. He also had a bit of a fracas in a certain bar didn’t he. Scott however seems to be a level headed professional, and if his personality reflects his approach to matches he won’t go wrong. Hard working, fearless, determined to name a few, and of course there has been no sign of Where’s Wally, or other such like headlines linked to the England captain.

The role of a leader is to ultimately be a role model for others, and how many easy influenced youngsters strive to be like the England captain. I know I did, Bryan Robson was my hero, even though he now seems to have had a chequered past too. So, in my opinion it’s about time the youth of this country had a positive role model to look up to, and I hope he keeps the job.

Remember some of these guys :

Emlyn Hughes
Alan Shearer
Gary Lineker
Peter Shilton
David Beckham

and of course our greatest ever captain Bobby Moore. God only knows his thoughts on the likes of John Terry!

So, good on you Stuart Pearce, a tick in my book for you. Let’s start to think about the captain’s role as it should be. A position of responsibility, to be revered by all associated with the sport and a title given to a worthy candidate. All hail Scott!


One thought on “Scott Parker England Captain

  1. He might be captain for only the Dutch game if the FA chose to hire someone else for the Championships.

    Scotty’s a hard working chap- lets his work on the field do the talking

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