AVB – another sad Chelsea story

Yet again we are hit with the news that Roman Abramovich has sacked another manager. When will it dawn on this man that success will only come with stability. As I’m sure most people who follow football know Chelsea are most certainly a team in transition. The likes of Lampard, Terry, Drogba and Cole appear to be edging towards a decline in form and dependancy. The best goalkeeper in the world seems to have dropped to ordinary standards, and don’t get me, Alan Hansen, or Gary Neville started on David Luiz!

However, most other clubs would allow a new manager time to embed his beliefs and football philosphies, and also allow him time to bring in new blood. In a way this has happened with some of the signings Villas-Boas made, yet bubbling away in the background were stories of mistrust and non-compliance from the Chelsea stalwarts. The blame for this surely has to lie with Mr Abramovich himself, allowing the likes of Lampard and Terry to party or holiday on his boat. Surely this presents a view that they are favourites doesn’t it? Who knows the real goings-on behind the scenes, but they have certainly had a negative effect on the pitch.

The more I read about Chelsea and their history of managers, the more I feel Mr Abramovich has more money than sense. Lets take AVB, figures touted around of £13million paid to Porto to hire him, add to that at least £10million paid to the out-going Ancellotti and his staff. Surely with this cost you would envisage AVB being given time to make his mark. With the decline in the above mentioned players plus the poor form of Torres, Obi Mikel, and Malouda to name a few, AVB needed time to instill his ways into the team. He needed time to assess his squads’ capabilities and future, to make inroads into the youth setup, to scout the top clubs for possible replacements. Again, none of this was possible. So, Mr Abramovich decides enough is enough and forks out another £10 million to pay off AVB as a result of his sacking. The fans of Portsmouth, Port Vale, Rangers must be screaming to the rooftops at this waste of money.

The old brigade of Terry, Lampard plus the underperformers from above however still plod on earning their mininmum £100,000 a week and more. The root of the cause is allowed to spread and get an even more sturdy grip on the foundations of the first team. A certain Didier Drogba was holding out for more money and a longer contract under AVB, yet one wasn’t forthcoming. I will put a wager on it that he signs a new super contract in the next month or two. Job done Messers Terry and Lampard will say!

Call me cinical, disagree with me, call me a lunatic, yet one thing is for sure. The so called big players in this club need to be brought down a peg or two pretty quickly before the work a certain Jose Mourinho did (who also was sacked of course – believed to be due to a fall out with John Terry!) will slip into the ‘good old days’ of a forgotten era. Without Roman Abramovich sheathing his axe I fear the club is in for a continued cycle of under performance. A top team needs a top manager, one who is trusted and allowed time to build his team. Chelsea have had a handful of top managers, yet how many have really been given time? Roman, you will never be the owner of European Champions until you change your ways, or the oil price falls dramatically and you become more prudent with your pounds. I don’t see any of these happening soon, so who next to drink from the poisoned chalice that promises footballing immortality, yet brings deceit, betrayal and the axe?


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