A Shadow

It’s week 32 of the 100WCFGU, the theme this week is the picture below.


So, here goes!As a lover of horses and a horse racing fan this theme really inspired me. Hope you all like it.

A Shadow

There you are cast for all to see, sculpted and crafted to immortalise your majesty. The days have gone where you galloped and jumped your way to glory. So brave, so athletic, drawing breath and awe everytime you did the job you loved the most. An image is all we have to remember you, this design, this portrayal created by another admirer. I still hold you in my mind as a living being, a thing of beauty, a glowing example of everything I love about your kind. Yet here you are a mere shadow of your former self.


Please feel free to comment and give me some feedback, each and everyone is appreciated.

5 thoughts on “A Shadow

  1. Ooh, I really like this. It made me think of the sculptures I saw in Lexington, KY when I wandered through one of the horse racing places. It also made me think of my dream horses of childhood. I never got one, so they were always Shadow to me.

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