The Red Box

Time for the 100 WCFGU again!


This week’s prompt…..The Red Box


The preparation had been intense, guidance from all angles. A slight increase here would result in a hit here, a reduction in one aspect would significantly hinder another. So much was resting on the next 24 hours, sweat was building up on my hands as I gripped the handle of the red box. What would everyone think of my ideas? Who would I affect the most? Who would benefit? Who would lose?

The flashes were next, the shouts, the demands, “Lift the box”, “Hoist it up”. Then the realism hit, the pressure of being in the public eye, the pressure of being Chancellor of the Exchequer!

3 thoughts on “The Red Box

  1. It must be difficult to come to terms with knowing you can’t please everybody. But you caught his anxiety here. Not a sign of complacency! 🙂

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