Alice and the rabbit

Time for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. The prompt this week ‘what was the rabbit late for’, wondered Alice


The long grass parted, a rustling of the long stems caused birds to take flight and perch atop a near tree. Once quiet, slowly coming over the cover of the grass came two pointy ears and a grey face. A twitch of the nose gave the all clear and out bounded the rabbit, moving gracefully with that familiar gait, this way and that, quick as a flash he was gone through the nearest hedge. Alice, pondered‘what was THAT rabbit late for’. With little time to think she turned and ran eager to tell the farmer that there was a rustling in the bushes at the end of the field.


7 thoughts on “Alice and the rabbit

  1. Great use of movement and visuals in this, I like how you first see the pointy ears, then nose, and then out he hops. I hope the farmer doesn’t have too big a surprise for him.

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