A treble for a Thursday


Love this photo, courtesy of goodtosoft. The letter in the hoof says it all, V for Victory. Another couple of wins courtesy of CARAVEL (5-4) and SPINNING RIDGE (11-4) and a place for AY TAY TATE (110-30).

On to Thursday’s treble.

LAVA LAMP 1630 FFOS LAS – (nap) (won 7-1 = 53.75 points)up 7lbs for a very impressive win last time, an eye catching performance that was and hopefully there’s more to come. I’m a little concerned about DECOY who didn’t stay last time when going well. (5 points each way)

FABALU 1650 NEWCASTLE – (nb) (NR)won well last time at Bangor through the application of blinkers, confident he’ll win again. (3 point win)

DERWEN PRYDE 250 FFOS LAS – (treble)(unplaced) had a good second last time, will enjoy the ground and a step up to 3 miles should suit too. (2 points each way)

STAKE = 17 points

RETURNS = + 53.75 points

BANK = +171.5 points

STATS as of 29/312 WINS 10/29 34.4% NAPS 4/10 40% TREBLES 2/10 20%

Remember to gamble wisely and I only do this as a little hobby and am by no means an expert or am suggesting you should follow my advice.


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