Tuesday Treble


So Monday produced one winner in the shape of MAKBULLET (2-1). My gardening exploits have created blisters the size of five pence pieces, yet I managed to clear the soil from the area. See below :


Tomorrow’s task is the knocking down of the wall!

Anyway here are my best three for tomorrow.

PAMPELONNE -1530 – SEDGEFIELD – (nap) (PU) ran a storming race to just get pipped at the post by Trip the Light last time in what was an eye-catching run. Will hopefully handle the better ground! (5 points each way)

INDIAN DAUDAIE 1440 – FONTWELL – (nb) – (unplaced)this one is a right monkey and has been tailed off the last few times. This is his last chance with me, he has bags of talent, and I’m hoping the Nichols magic touch and cheekpieces will work! (2 points each way)

REVE DU JOUR 1550 – SOUTHWELL – (treble) – (3rd – 7-2)won for us last time on here and his course record reads 12221. Up 5lbs for that win but I reckon he has more to come. (2 points win)

STAKE = 16 points

RETURNS = 0 points

BANK = +130 points

STATS as of 3/4/12 WINS 12/43 27.9%% NAPS 4/15 26.6% TREBLES 2/15 13.3%

Let’s hope my Reve du Jour comes true!!! Know what I mean?



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