An A to Z of horses – A for Akilak


Charnwood Forest – Akilara

Starts 30

Total prize money = £108,074


Why is this my A horse do you ask?

It won me a load of dosh way back in 2005 – I was following Howard Johnson’s stable closely and they were in fine form as was jockey Graeme Lee. I had picked out a Lucky 15 that included a 5-1 win for Well Chief and another Howard Johnson winner, the very brave Grey Abbey at 100-30 Anyway Akilak was my fourth horse and it was quoted at 16-1 in the morning papers.

I put the bet on and went off to play football, when I got home I put teletext on (remember that!) and saw my two winners mentioned above, I then had to wait for teletext to go to the next page (remember waiting for that, seemed to take ages didn’t it!). Eventually it came on and I saw Akilak had won at Cheltenham and then I failed to breathe for a few seconds as I saw its SP 50-1!!!, a couple of horses were short priced and he had drifted. How much did I celebrate that night!

That is why AKILAK is my A horse in the A to Z of the GOLFBANDIT’s horses. Do you agree? Wht would yours be?



2 thoughts on “An A to Z of horses – A for Akilak

  1. I don’t really know much about horse racing..
    My uncle ownes part of a horse. I’m not sure how to phrase that properly.
    We all think he’s an idiot.
    But this sounds like a good one, so yay! 🙂

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