A to Z Challenge – D is for Denman


Presenting – Polly Puttens

RACES = 24
WINS = 14

PRIZE MONEY = £1,141,347


This guy is my D for one thing – BRAVERY. He has the heart of a lion and the engine of high powered car. What a performer! The stand out performance for me was when he won his second HENNESSEY GOLD CUP with 11st 12lbs on his back – giving second place WHAT A FRIEND 22lb! That performance really did make me cheer him on and then left me speechless with what I had just seen.

Throw in of course his first Hennessey and the famous Gold Cup defeat of KAUTO STAR, and an awesome performance in the Royal Sun Alliance that set the Gold Cup market flying in 2007. A real superstar and another horse I feel privileged to have watched. A monster, a machine, a down right beast but what a horse – Denman, you’re my D and I salute you!

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