The Sunday After…..a few of my thoughts.


The photo is a great shot of SIMONSIG that was tweeted by @AintreeInsider yesterday. It shows everything positive about this sport. These horses are bred to race, that’s all they know, and what they love. They get the best possible training, care and lives. Everybody connected to racing knows the risks involved and the possiblility of their horses getting seriously injured. So the news today of the infortunate deaths of two brilliant racehorses in SYNCHRONISED and ACCORDING TO PETE, is always unpleasant to hear. Yet their trainers, owners, and connections knew the risks involved and that fact that they could have been fatally injured in any of their other races or even in training. Let’s not beat around the bush here, horses unfortunately die every day in racing. However, because these two unfortunate horses perished in the Grand National every person with an opinion, which they are entitled to I might add, seems to jump on the bandwagon and start slating horse racing and calling to ban the sport. Ridiculous, please get off the bandwagon and think what you’re saying. Of course it’s sad to lose a horse in this way, yet how many horses have died at home in their boxes or going for a cantor on their trainers gallops? I will tell you it’s a hell of a lot more than the ones who have died in the Grand National over the years.

This sport is competitive and as with any competition when animals or humans are pushing themselves to the limits things can go wrong and injuries or fatalities can occur. Look at the unfortunate events that occured for the professional footballer FABRICE MUAMBA, have people called to cancel football or stop these professionals from training or playing matches? These unfortunate incidents in sport allow us all to make it safer and less demanding for future sporting stars or animals. Alot of professional clubs will now, I presume, scan their players more regularly in the light of the events with Fabrice Muamba. Aintree Racecourse have already adapted and altered the fences to try and combat horse sustaining fatal falls in the National, but sometimes it’s not the fence and there isn’t a great deal that can be done to prevent injury. Look at GOTTANY O’S who on Friday just broke down in running, ACCORDING TO PETE actually sustained his injury when he stepped on another horse that had fallen today, and then was brought down, it wasn’t the fence that cost him his life, he jumped that perfectly well.

I hope people don’t find my views to be too offensive, but I’m just trying to shed some light on what is a fantastic sport, that creates so much enjoyment and happiness, yet at times gets lots lf negative press, which in my opinion isn’t necessary.

I’m now up to 11 years without tipping the winner of the Grand National but at least CAPPA BLEU got a place and ran a decent race. On the whole though it was a pretty unsuccessful festival, as it always seems to be for me. We kick on now though with the top flat races coming pretty thick and fast soon.

Glad that’s off my chest, now on to Sunday’s best three :

MIC’S DELIGHT 1610 MARKET RASEN – (nap) (2nd – 6-5) had two very encouraging wins at this track prior to a disappointing show at Cheltenham. He’s still an improving horse and around this course that he clearly goes well on I expect him to win. (5 point win)

SHARESTAN 1525 LEOPARDSTOWN – (nb) (2nd 11-8) ran a very good race last time out at the Curragh and has the benefit of that run under his belt. He should now kick on a deliver another good run. (3 point win)

FIRE LILY 1600 LEOPARDSTOWN – (treble) (2nd – 7-4) two cracking seconds last year in the Lowther stakes and the Prix Marcel Boussac on Arc day should give this filly enough ability to take this race. (3 points win

STAKE = 11 points

RETURNS = 0 points

BANK = +82 points

STATS as of 15/4/12 WINS 16/76 21% NAPS 5/26 19.2% TREBLES 2/26 7.7%


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