Last week was a real challenge, I’ve never attempted a sonnet before. I’m not sure I got it right but enjoyed the complexity of the challenge. Thanks to everyone’s feedback, appreciated as always. If you want to read my sonnet about George the Dragon Slayer, click here.
This week’s prompt for the 100 word challenge is I’m exhausted, shut the door behind you.

Hope you like it and please leave feedback.
It had taken him what seemed like forever, without the extra boost of fuel, an eternity it would have took this time. Year after year on this special night he had this duty bestowed upon him. Could he complain? Not a chance, the idea of so much joy and happiness being brought to so many was as big a motivator as ever in these difficult times. So, with his boots finally off, his task complete for another year, his devoted wife brought him his hot chocolate. She spun to leave him be and Saint Nick kindly requested “I’m exhausted, shut the door behind you”


9 thoughts on “Shattered!

  1. It amazes me how Julia comes up with the prompt in the first place. Trying to fit this innocuous sentence in in a way that feels right seems at first easy and then, on reflection, actually deceptively hard. This is good, right up until the last sentence, then I’m not sure whether Santa is being dismissive or wry. I’d like to think the latter, with a twinkle in his eye. In this case, I wouldn’t have had her spin so the door was indeed behind her. I would have expected some ps and qs from St Nick too even if he was exhausted, or was that intentional? He is speaking to his wife. Anyway, tell me if I’m being picky, I say it as I read it.

    1. Thanks for your reply. Don’t worry you’re not being picky! I wanted him to be a bit dismissive as he could be exhausted and even the nicest of people sometimes get grumpy.

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