The Passage by Justin Cronin

Seen as I'm a keen reader and enjoy my blogging too I thought I would maybe start to review the books I read. I hope you enjoy this review and it may sway you to either read or not read the book.
I first picked this book up a couple of years ago when it was first published and reading the synopsis it tempted me. At that time I was in a non reading phase though and the thought of 900 pages didn't motivate me. However, a couple of weeks ago I downloaded it from itunes and took on the task.
Basically the story revolves around a post-apocalyptic USA, human race being brought to its knees by a virus that was designed to be used as a weapon. It went wrong and the virus resulted in humans becoming vampires, or virals, as they are called in the book. A small group of people in a colony some 100 years after the 'event' make up the bulk of the story as they battle to keep out these virals.
The first part of the book is really excellent as the scene is set for the virals to break loose and take over, they do, with huge consequences and a little girl (Amy) becomes the focal point of the book. We then skip a hundred years to a secluded colony, here the author spends time detailing the colony, its beginnings and current inhabitants. It's a little slow but worthwhile as eventually Amy turns up, still a little girl.
From this point the book excels as a rogue group of colonists break away in search of a safe haven courtesy of a radio message they've received regarding Amy. The adventure kicks in and the thrills and spills are many, rip-roaring all the way to the ending. Taking you to Las Vegas, a place called the Haven, where people and the virals co-exist to suit each others needs. Then we reach the source of the signal, another little twist, which in turn sets you up for the ending and a brief glimpse at the next instalment, called The Twelve (out in October). I would thoroughly recommend this book and can't wait to read where the story heads to next. I'll give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of five, as the colony bit was a little too slow for my liking.
I hope you enjoyed the review and it may persuade you to read this book. Please let me know your thoughts if and when you have read it. Up next VANISHED by TIM WEAVER.

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