The Bandit’s Tuesday tips

Seen as it's half term I thought I'd spend a bit of time doing a blog with some tips for today's meeting. Gearing up at home for a Hallowe'en party tomorrow with 12 screaming kids, trick or treating and apple bobbing. Sounds like it could be hell itself!
Hope there are a few winners here for you all.

12.50 MARCUS CAESAR (3rd 5-2)
1.20 BLUE SHOES (3rd 10-1)
1.50 FIELDGUNNER KIRKUP (unplaced)
2.20 ROKER PARK (treble) (unplaced)
2.50 IBN HIYYAN (unplaced)
3.20 TRES CORONAS (unplaced)
3.50 IVESTAR (unplaced)
4.20 MIDDLETON FLYER (2nd 16-1)

1.30 TURN OVER SIVOLA (2nd Evens)
2.00 GOUGANE (unplaced)
2.30 BALLYGARVEY (unplaced)
3.00 DAYMAR BAY (unplaced)
3.30 QUADRILLER (nap) (unplaced)
4.00 ALAZAN (3rd 7-1)
4.30 CALUSA COMET (nb) (unplaced)

1.10 SAKASH (unplaced)
1.40 WARANT OFFICER (unplaced)
2.10 HIGH TROJA (2nd 2-1)
2.40 FOCAIL EILE (unplaced)
3.10 ATTAIN (unplaced)
3.40 SIMPLE RHYTHM (2nd 20-1)
4.10 DARSAN (3rd 5-2)

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