The Persona Protocol

This is a step away from Andy McDermott's previous novels involving Eddie and Nina, however it is equally as enthralling, action packed and engrossing.
The story revolves around Adam Gray, the lead agent in the US Government's top secret Persona Project. He and his fellow agents move around the world and use a combination of technology and drugs to import the personality and memories of key people onto Adam.
Targetting the leader of Al-Qaeda and the knowledge he possesses the team take us on a riproaring, non-stop adventure where Adam begins to realise he holds the key to a secret, one that will shatter the US Government.
Andy McDermott has given us another superb adventure here. This story is thoroughly enjoyable and those who have read his previous works will not be disappointed with this new piece of work. There is certainly room for further develoments of these characters and other adventures.
I would rate this 5 out of 5 for all readers who like this kind of writing. I loved it!

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