Last week was a real challenge, I’ve never attempted a sonnet before. I’m not sure I got it right but enjoyed the complexity of the challenge. Thanks to everyone’s feedback, appreciated as always. If you want to read my sonnet about George the Dragon Slayer, click here.
This week’s prompt for the 100 word challenge is I’m exhausted, shut the door behind you.

Hope you like it and please leave feedback.
It had taken him what seemed like forever, without the extra boost of fuel, an eternity it would have took this time. Year after year on this special night he had this duty bestowed upon him. Could he complain? Not a chance, the idea of so much joy and happiness being brought to so many was as big a motivator as ever in these difficult times. So, with his boots finally off, his task complete for another year, his devoted wife brought him his hot chocolate. She spun to leave him be and Saint Nick kindly requested “I’m exhausted, shut the door behind you”


George Slayer of Dragons

The new prompt this for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is to do a sonnet. Now, I’ve never done one of these before, and not sure if I’ve done it correctly. Anyway, I hope you like my attempt on the theme of George and the Dragon, to celebrate St.George’s Day.



time to celebrate; Oh George the brave
slayin’ a dragon was the tail of fame
this deed, retold now, whilst in grave
yet this dragon t’was not to blame
a fair maiden had cast her spell
that bewitched poor George, to kill a dragon he must
her love he had, once the dragon had fell
slain by sword and burnt to dust
George had his treat and the maid he claimed
onwards on back of his steed they did ride
with whispers that followed of a dragon maimed
George he knew, his chest pumped with pride
forever in our tales and a topic to trend
not only a myth, but an English legend.

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A Sly Grin

Following on from last week’s challenge, we have to use the last ten words of another bloggers piece from the prompt Alice and the rabbit.. My fellow bloggers piece is here.

So, the words I have to use are…..she grinned slyly, suddenly thoughtful, and quietly left the study. So here is this week’s challenge using the above prompt.


She grinned slyly, suddenly thoughtful, and quietly left the study. She picked up her pace as she descended the winding staircase. It was about time Little Miss Goody Two Shoes missed out and she was chosen. Heading to her Uncle’s study, she glanced towards the kitchen, there she was, cooking tea for us all – LMGTS! Beyond Uncle’s desk and on the top shelf she reached for the medicine. She knew Uncle took it regularly, surely a dose in her tea wouldn’t hurt too much. What would LAXATIVE do on a rowing trip? She grinned slyly.


Alice and the rabbit

Time for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. The prompt this week ‘what was the rabbit late for’, wondered Alice


The long grass parted, a rustling of the long stems caused birds to take flight and perch atop a near tree. Once quiet, slowly coming over the cover of the grass came two pointy ears and a grey face. A twitch of the nose gave the all clear and out bounded the rabbit, moving gracefully with that familiar gait, this way and that, quick as a flash he was gone through the nearest hedge. Alice, pondered‘what was THAT rabbit late for’. With little time to think she turned and ran eager to tell the farmer that there was a rustling in the bushes at the end of the field.


The Red Box

Time for the 100 WCFGU again!


This week’s prompt…..The Red Box


The preparation had been intense, guidance from all angles. A slight increase here would result in a hit here, a reduction in one aspect would significantly hinder another. So much was resting on the next 24 hours, sweat was building up on my hands as I gripped the handle of the red box. What would everyone think of my ideas? Who would I affect the most? Who would benefit? Who would lose?

The flashes were next, the shouts, the demands, “Lift the box”, “Hoist it up”. Then the realism hit, the pressure of being in the public eye, the pressure of being Chancellor of the Exchequer!


Here we are again with the 100 WCFGU! Please check out Julia’s blog here where all this originated from.

This week’s words are I turned it off

Here goes……..



There he lay, a shadow of his former self. Slight in frame, unrecognisable as the man who made so many happy. This lifeless shell now a silent reminder of how quickly things can move on, no radiance to be seen, not a flicker of recognition in those fading eyes. Those eyes, once twinkling bright, attracting all those that came near, yet now just misty and dull. It was time, I couldn’t bear the continued pain for him and all of us. Time to say GOODBYE, and then I did it, and I turned it off.

A Shadow

It’s week 32 of the 100WCFGU, the theme this week is the picture below.


So, here goes!As a lover of horses and a horse racing fan this theme really inspired me. Hope you all like it.

A Shadow

There you are cast for all to see, sculpted and crafted to immortalise your majesty. The days have gone where you galloped and jumped your way to glory. So brave, so athletic, drawing breath and awe everytime you did the job you loved the most. An image is all we have to remember you, this design, this portrayal created by another admirer. I still hold you in my mind as a living being, a thing of beauty, a glowing example of everything I love about your kind. Yet here you are a mere shadow of your former self.


Please feel free to comment and give me some feedback, each and everyone is appreciated.

The Leap of Faith – 100 WCFGU

The Hundred Word Challenge

Please visit Julia’s page, without this blog I would not be taking this ‘New Venture’. Go on have a read, get involved, it’s therapeutic you know! Or at least it is for me.

I really enjoyed the challenge set last week, and thought long and hard before scribing my debut piece, The Flip Side. So, time for this week’s challenge – The Leap of Faith.


Thanks for all the people who commented on the blog last week. Your feedback was much appreciated and very nice, hope I and it can continue in the same form!

A New Venture

I had always been prudent with money, saving weeks of pocket money just in case I might need to buy a new pair of football boots or a new Manchester United shirt. So when my best buddy suggested I fork out £40 for a set of golf clubs and go and start playing with him, my pocket shrunk to the size of a peanut. “Go on, you’ll love it”, came his response. His enthusiasm swayed me to take a leap of faith and part with my stash. Was he right? Did I love it? Surely @THE GOLFBANDIT tells its own story!


The Flip Side – 100WCFGU

I stumbled across this idea courstesy of a RT by HimUpNorth. The idea to write a blog of 100 words around a given theme or topic. This is where it originated from > 100 words.

So I thought I would give it a whirl!

Week #31 of Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

The Flip Side

Take heads, or on the flip side, it’s tails.
Wealth brings riches, on the flip side, poverty brings pain.
Health brings stability, on the flip side, illness brings despair.
Love brings happiness, on the flip side, hate brings sadness.

War brings death, on the flip side, peace brings life.
Boredom brings frowns, on the flip side, fun brings laughter.
Solitude brings curiosity, on the flip side, others bring interest.
It all depends on where you begin.
The flip side of which, is either better or worse.
Take heads, or on the flip side, take tails.


Are you a nought or a cross?