Hallowe'en is one of those nights I look forward to every year. I think it's a fantastic tradition we have and something that brings everyone together. I am very fortunate to live in an area in Sheffield where the whole neighbourhood celebrate Hallowe'en. Houses who wish to participate leave a pumpkin outside their house and hundreds of kids go trick or treating, and the tricks are very few and far between! The pumpkin above is my creation this year and as I write this blog my family are busy decorating our house for our Hallowe'en party tonight.
As a kid I remember Hallowe'en fondly. I grew up in Burnley in Lancashire which has a hill overlooking it called Pendle Hill. Now this hill is very famous in our area as Pendle and it's surrounding areas were believed to be the home of witches in the 17th century and on 18th August 1612 several local women were charged with witchcraft. This year marked the 500th anniversary and the local council created this on the hill.
As a child we all used to drive to the little villages around Pendle Hill of Barley and Roughlee and walk across the top of the hill with torches and lanterns. The place is literally buzzing. These witches are still sat outside a shop in Newchurch, and if you venture into the church in Newchurch you will see the Eye of God engraved into the clock tower, which supposedly watches over the grave of one of the Pendle Witches – Alice Nutter, whose grave is adorned by a skull and crossbones.

Witches outside shop in Newchurch
Photo courtesy of lancashireimages.co.uk

Eye of God
As you can imagine with all this history and folklore surrounding the area we used to love Hallowe'en – something I'm trying to pass on to my children. For more information on the story of the Pendle Witches click here.
It real is a fascinating story and one I very much believe was true. Next time you're in the area remember to stop by these villages and get engrossed in the folklore.
Happy Hallowe'en.