Vanished by Tim Weaver

This book is a must for anyone who likes a good crime thriller. Tim Weaver is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. This third installment of David Raker series is every bit as good, if not better than the others. I downloaded it as I went on holiday and read it in no time at all. Raker is hired in this book to find another missing person, a man who went on a tube one day and never got off. Running alongside Raker's investigation is a series of brutal murders by a killer known as the 'Snatcher'. A killer who simply takes their prey from their homes without any force or injury and leaves behind their shaved hair! The story is fast paced and quickly develops into a chilling tale with some graphic murder scenes. The book develops the relationship between Raker and Healy, the failing cop from the last book, and they get together again to form a strange working partnership. As the book builds to its ending there are several twists and turns that leave you second guessing yourself about who the 'Snatcher' really is. Just when you think it's over, the book adds a little something else to finish off, and without spoiling it for you it leaves our hero in a tight spot with an uncertainty of what has happened to him.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Another excellent installment in the David Raker series that leaves me impatiently waiting for the next book. A cracker Tim, well written!